Give To VAL

“When our perils are past, shall our gratitude sleep?” -George Canning


All Americans owe a great debt of gratitude to the brave men and women who have selflessly answered the nation’s call to duty. The best way to honor our Veterans’
sacrifices is to continue to support them after their service is complete and as they transition into a more vulnerable stage of life. Your gift to the Veterans
Assistance League directly and solely benefits the Home’s 200 Veteran Heroes through quality of life programs and services that would not be possible without community




Honor and Memorial Gifts:Gifts made in honor of milestone events and in memory of special people represent a wonderful, personal way to celebrate friends and family.

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Memorial Gift.


Sponsorship Opportunities:Event sponsorship is available for individuals and businesses. Sponsors are welcomed for the Annual “Scramble for
Freedom Golf Tournament,”
held in June and “Run for Freedom 5K and Poker Walk” held in October.

Planned Giving:

  • Bequest Through Will or Living Trust
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Accounts and Pension Plans
  • Appreciated Stocks and Mutual FundsDonate to a Specific Fund:
    The General Fund provides unrestricted gifts for a variety of Veterans’ special needs and requests. Ongoing projects include free postage stamps, free local transportation,
    and special celebration meals like cookouts and Hawaiian Luaus. This fund helps fulfill special “creature comfort” requests that would never be possible otherwise. Some examples include blanket warmers, an electronic menu board in the dining area, computers and wireless internet access in the Neighbor library, and funding for the annual “Family Day” event. These funds also help sustain operation of the Canteen, an extremely popular feature that provides free ice cream for Veterans and other small sundries.
    MVH~Warrensburg is continually lauded by the community, Veterans’ families, and government and regulatory bodies as an organization that provides unparalleled care for Veteran Heroes. This outstanding reputation is a direct result of the work performed by the Home’s team of dedicated, compassionate, professional employees.
    State budgets are extremely limited in terms of authorized ways to recognize outstanding employees. Donations designated for this fund help perpetuate the feelings of esteem and appreciation that correlate with high employee satisfaction rates and low workplace turnover. Examples of recognition opportunities this fund affords include modest cash awards, gift certificates, door prizes and snacks for employee meetings.
Providing Veterans with activities that allow them to continue to be involved socially, express themselves creatively, maintain their independence and live full lives is one of the Home’s crowning achievements. Engaging residents on a variety of sensory levels is a critical aspect of their sense of personal esteem and an
important component of the sense of belonging to a community. Games, parties, trips, crafts, hobbies and entertainment are just some of the activities provided by the Recreation Department. In the past, these funds have been used to purchase items like indoor and outdoor gardens, traveling canteen cart for the special
care unit, video game systems, a Home Theatre system, old-time jukebox and rolling replica fireplace.
MVH~Warrensburg admission is highly sought after because of the high quality of care and numerous amenities provided to Veteran Heroes free of charge. Importantly, no Veteran is ever denied admission due to inability to pay. However, as a result, some neighbors require financial assistance for incidentals like personal items and special quality of life requests. Some examples of uses of this fund include purchasing specific toiletries, everyday clothing, or special occasion attire to attend a family celebration.
Funds raised through this designation are used to help make the holiday season a little brighter with the purchase of a gift for each and every Veteran in the home. In years past, gifts have included hat and sweatshirt sets, fuzzy slippers, jogging suits and jackets.
Fundraisers: Individuals and groups can hold bake sales, car washes, raffles, and a variety of other special events to raise funds and donate the proceeds to VAL.
Wish list: Help fulfill the Veterans’ Wish List by purchasing specific items.
Tax Refund: Donate your tax refund to a specific fund, or to the General Fund for use where it’s needed most.
Volunteer: Missouri Veterans Home~Warrensburg has a variety of opportunities for individual and group volunteers. Each year, volunteers provide 30,000 hours of service, equivalent to the work of more than 15 full-time employees and a cost savings of $424,080. For more information on becoming a volunteer, contact Latisha Koetting, Director of Volunteer Services, (660) 543-5064 or